Off the Shelf

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We are currently developing a range of products aimed at small business with the view to assist the daily running of their business.

These are essentially tools that jke:software developed when we started up and we still use today.

However, as they were only "in-house" tools, they need to be smartened up before being release in to general population.

Products currently in development


project:ivy is an online invoice management system that we developed to generate and send out invoices for jke:software

We still use this system and we are just making some changes to ensure that it is public user friendly before release.

We are also currently working on the frontend for Windows, Android and Ubuntu versions (even though it's web based and can be used anywhere anyway)

Project Managment

This is an as yet untitled project that "in-house" is refered to simply as JKEPM.

That name is not very catchy...

Shop Engine

We have built bespoke shop engines in the past and we have formulated a plan to create an engine with some simply backend tools to startup you own shop.

The engine only uses PayPal as it's payment method as this then allows the end user to not require SSL certification on their server to take payments.

An example of our shop engine in use is an adult toy website (please be warned... this is an adult toy website...) www.uklovetoys.com

Fabrication Manager

Windows based fabrication management system initially designed by key members within the oil industry.

This project will handle and keep track (if used properly) all materials that enter the fabrication workshop as well as tracking drawings, matching drawing to jobs and parts required, creation of cut and preperation job sheets.

If you would like any further information regarding any of these products, please contact us at info@jkesoftware.com